Synopses Cakes_1“A chubby French baker liberates the graceful ballerina within when she combines her pastries with her heartfelt imagination.”

Written, Directed and Produced by students Nikitha Mannam (India) and Amos Sussigan (Switzerland), Swan Cake is their graduation film. The short is the result of an experiment of collaboration with an international crew utilizing online applications such Skype and Dropbox. Involving students from Canada, United States, England, Switzerland, Italy, Romania, Portugal, Iran, several parts of India and the “Creative Headquarters” based in Los Angeles, Swan Cake is a hybrid musical animated-short, half traditional animation (Backgrounds and Special EFX) and CGI animation (Characters) that took 10 months to be completed.

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Amos Sussigan

In charge of directing/ producing the short film, Amos Sussigan wrote it, took care of the art direction, character design,  and storyboard. He then worked on matte paintings, 2D lighting and visual effects, compositing and  marketing. He lives in Los Angeles, where he directs music videos, create concept artwork, and art directs his next project, Aria for a Cow.

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Nikitha Mannam

Niki was in charge of directing/ producing the short film with Amos, while taking care of pipeline organization, layout and prop design, prop modeling. She then worked on animation and editing. She currently lives in San Francisco, where she works as freelancer illustrator and works on the production of Aria for a Cow. She will move to India in January 2014 to found her own Production Company.

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We are always in for a Swan Cake screening, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to organize one!